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Meet A. Craig Troxel

Meet A. Craig Troxel, Professor of Practical Theology at Westminster Seminary California

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Isaiah 45

The Lord's oath-bound deliverance of Israel and the world is surely coming.

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Our God vs. the Idols

Fear drives us to find security in the idols we make instead of the God who has made us, chosen us and redeemed us.  Isaiah 44 justifies trust in the God of Israel and displays the foolishness of trusting idols. 

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Word of Light

The prologue of John states that the Word “was life, and the life was the light of men.” He gives what he is. For those who live in a world of darkness what truth could offer more hope than this? He who is “the light of life” intrudes himself upon the deepest shadows to bring a redemption no one else can.

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Meet the Faculty - Dr. A. Craig Troxel

Resident Faculty, A. Craig Troxel   |   October 7, 2019   |  Type: Interviews, Office Hours

In this episode, Office Hours talks to the newest faculty member at Westminster Seminary California, Dr. A. Craig Troxel. Dr. Troxel joins the faculty as Professor of Practical Theology.

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Fear Not

God encourages his exiled people by assuring them of his presence through trials, reminding them of their value to him, and promising to re-gather them.

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The Servant of the Lord Will Bring Forth Justice

Like Cyrus, which this text anticipates, the “Servant of the Lord” (in which he is announced in this passage) will bring forth Justice when he comes.  But what kind of justice is anticipated?

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Creator Word

The Lord called into existence the things that do not exist, demonstrating his sovereign power through a simple, creative word. Christ’s ministry is nothing less than this. The outpouring of his divine authority is evident in what he accomplished and has promised for his new creation.  

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