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Calvinism: A History

Adjunct Faculty, Darryl G. Hart   |   November 4, 2013   |  Type: Interviews, Office Hours Podcast

Office Hours talks with Darryl G. Hart, Adjunct Professor of Church History, about his recent book Calvinism: A History, which covers 500 years of Reformed Protestantism in a mere 300 pages!


Review of D.G. Hart's Book from the Wall Street Journal, entitled "The Eating of Sasuages" on page A13 (U.S. Edition), August 20, 2013:

"Where does Calvinism stand now? Mr. Hart, whose other writings tend toward pessimism and regret, sounds almost cheerful about Calvinism's global presence. "Reformed Protestantism has been a global faith since the 17th century," he writes, and it is equally so now. It thrives in South Korea; self-consciously Reformed churches in the U.S. aren't on life support as their "mainline" counterparts are; missionaries from Reformed denominations are spreading throughout Africa and Asia; and there are even modest signs of a Calvinist resurgence in Europe.

In the developed world, established churches have dwindled to the point of insignificance, and national loyalties (along with national borders) mean less and less. If Mr. Hart's view of Calvinism is right—that it has flourished best when freed from the encumbrances of the nation-state's power—its history is far from over."*



*Read the full review in the WSJ, or stop by the Bookstore to read the review in print.

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