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Alumni Questionnaire

We are interested in your evaluation of the curriculum of the degree program that you completed at WSC. We are especially interested in the effectiveness of the curriculum in preparing you for your current ministry or calling.

Information and evaluation provided on this form will not be associated with your name, but rather will be transcribed and collated with other alumni responses.

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Please indicate in your answers below your level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the curriculum.

As a result of my studies at WSC, I...

1. Believe and love God's word more strongly
2. Am more able to interpret biblical texts accurately in light of original languages, historical and canonical contexts, scriptures literary structures
3. Understand the Bible's main theological themes and their systematic interrelationships
4. Am more able to articulate the Reformed system of faith and practice
5. Am more consistently able to bring perspective from church history to my study of theology
6. Am more able to preach the Bible's message accurately and effectively (if licensed or ordained)
7. Am more able to lead worship and administer the sacraments (if licensed or ordained)
8. Share the gospel with others more consistently and capably
9. Am more able to lead the church, its members and its officers
10. Better understand and can function more faithfully within the church's polity (authority/ accountability structures)
11. Am more able to nurture others toward Christian maturity through counseling and Christian education
12. Am more able to defend the Bible's teaching
13. Value more highly the freedom to examine diverse viewpoints and investigate all relevant evidence in pursuit of truth
14. Better understand other Christian traditions and non-Christian systems of thought
15. Am more able to critique alternative viewpoints fairly and cogently
16. Am growing more in godly character
17. Am more able to communicate exegetical and theological arguments and themes

Thank you for your time to complete this survey.