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Campaign Details
Campaign Details






Westminster Seminary California has a plan to build 64 one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments to house students and their families on our campus.(Front & back view of 1-bedroom apartment building pictured here)

Project Details 






The site plan illustrates the expanded campus with the proposed buildings. The original 10-acre campus is illustrated in the top half of this map, and the “blue roofs” indicate the buildings that already exist on campus. The bottom half of this plan represents the land immediately to the south, adjacent to the main campus, where the residential village is to be developed. The “red roofs” represent 8 residential buildings that will be built on the newly-acquired 9.5 acres, a commons building, and an education building on the original 10-acre campus. A new parking lot will be located on part of the back field to service student housing and special events on campus.

Each of the 8 residential building will contain 8 apartment units, totaling 64 units in the entire residential village. In order to provide for WSC students at any stage of life, the residential village will contain 16 one-bedroom units, 24 two-bedroom units, and 24 three-bedroom units. The village will also feature several amenities and group gathering sites for students and their families, including a playground, sand volleyball court, fire pits, and a commons building that will house a fitness center, kitchen, community lounge.

Students’ spouses will enjoy a deeper connection to the WSC community as they interact with each other in the community lounge and fitness center, gather around the fire pit, hold play dates at the playground, and even join their spouses for semiweekly chapels on campus. Westminster Seminary California’s graduate student housing will magnify an already outstanding seminary community in which students and their families will learn, live, pray, and serve together.





Q: What are the mission and purpose of Westminster Seminary California?

A: Westminster Seminary California (WSC) is a Christian institution seeking to glorify God through graduate theological study. Its primary responsibility is to educate future pastors for Christian churches, especially for Presbyterian and Reformed denominations. It also provides theological education for others who will serve in the Christian community and the larger society.

(Westminster Seminary California exists for a marvelous purpose: to glorify Christ, to teach his Gospel, to serve his Church.)

Q: What is the campaign, Building On A Firm Foundation?

A: This campaign is designed to meet several current needs of the Seminary and secure the Seminary’s future. The campaign’s top priority is to fund the construction of 64 student apartments on the newly-acquired 9.5-acres of land adjacent to the existing 10-acre campus. Other important priorities for the future sustainability of the seminary include construction of a new academic building for increased classroom space and endowments for scholarships and faculty support. 

Q: Who commissioned the campaign?

A: As part of the Seminary’s strategic planning process, an extensive pre-campaign study was conducted to prove that the campaign goals are consistent with demonstrable needs of WSC and realistic enough to warrant expectation of success. The WSC Board of Trustees authorized the campaign. The City of Escondido Planning Commission unanimously approved the plans for student housing and education building.

Q: What are the campaign goals?

A: The campaign’s base goal of $20.5 million is the amount needed to fund the construction of 64 student apartments on campus. The campaign’s challenge goals include additional funding to build a new classroom building and fund endowments for scholarships and faculty support. 

Q: Does Westminster Seminary California receive governmental or denominational funding?

A: No. Because WSC is a private education institution, it does not qualify to receive state or federal funding. WSC receives no denominational support except from those individual congregations that include WSC in their annual budgets or periodic offerings.

Q: What are the current sources of financial support?

A: Tuition: 39%  |  Gifts: 55%

Q: How does Westminster Seminary California spend its current income?

A: Instruction: 71%  |  Administration: 16%  |  Fundraising: 13%

Q: Why does Westminster Seminary California need additional funds?

A: The Seminary’s annual operating income pays for the ongoing daily costs of operating an academic institution. Beyond the operating budget, the Seminary must raise funds independently for capital projects, such as building new facilities or renovating existing ones.

Q: Why is building student apartments a top priority?

A: To aid in our vital student recruitment efforts, the new student housing complex would enable WSC to offer housing that is as affordable as that in other parts of the country. This complex of 64 apartments would provide quality housing in a residential village for more than 100 students. It would also create a community of faith, where education, fellowship, and families flourish.

Q: How will the campaign goals be achieved?

A: WSC is at the threshold of the largest initiative in its history and the realization of a long-held vision. The Board of Trustees have set the example by leading the campaign. More than half of the funds have already been secured for this building project!  The Trustees recognize that a project of this magnitude calls for the participation of many churches and individuals.  Funding efforts will be conducted with friends of WSC throughout the United States, as well as with foundations and churches. Participation in this seminal project enables all of us to give of our God-given resources over and above regular support.

Q: Does the campaign accept cash gifts?

A: Yes, all cash gifts will be accepted, though pledge commitments are preferred. Pledge commitments provide donors the opportunity to plan the best gift possible and to give beyond the level of a one-time cash gift.

Q: What is a gift toward an endowment?

A: Most gifts to WSC are used promptly to meet current educational needs.  Endowment gifts are different.  Endowment gifts are invested so that in the future the seminary may have a regular source of income to support particular needs. 

Endowments may provide a solid financial base that can actually help a seminary remain faithful by easing the pressure of fundraising.  Endowments are a great blessing to the seminary because they stabilize our finances, ensure future income and make it easier for us to plan for the future without compromising our commitment to our mission.

Q: What is a planned gift?

A: There are specific times and events in your life when planning your gifts can benefit both you and your favorite charities greatly. Important events include the sale of appreciated assets, sale of a business, or retirement. These are excellent times to consider a planned gift. Types of planned gifts include:

  • Appreciated, marketable stocks and securities
  • Real estate
  • Life income plans, such as charitable remainder trusts and gift annuities
  • Remainder interest in residence, farm, or ranch
  • Corporate matching gifts
  • Gifts-in-kind (for example, services, materials, etc.)
  • Bequests and revocable trusts

Planned gifts may be made either during your lifetime or at death. They usually involve the assistance of professionals such as your accountant, attorney, or financial planner.  Please contact Westminster Seminary California at (888) 480-8474 or The Barnabas Foundation at (888) 448-3040 for more information about structuring and implementing your planned gifts. WSC pays an annual membership fee to The Barnabas Foundation so our constituents may access this professional planning assistance without a fee.

Q: What is the suggested pledge period?

A: Three-year pledges are preferred, but donors may select the payment schedule most convenient for their particular goals.

Q: Are gifts tax deductible?

A: Yes. All gifts to Westminster Seminary California are deductible to the maximum amount allowed by law. WSC is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c )(3) organization, with the identification name Westminster Theological Seminary in California and number: 95-3457731.

At the end of the year, you will receive a statement from WSC indicating your gift amounts that you may use for tax deduction purposes.

Q: How can I find additional information about Westminster Seminary California and the campaign?

A: Any questions concerning the campaign, Building On A Firm Foundation, may be directed to:

Advancement Office
Westminster Seminary California
1725 Bear Valley Parkway
Escondido, California 92027
(888) 480-8474 ext. 130 or 131