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Westminster Seminary California is more than an academic institution built on a beautiful ten-acre campus in the hills of Escondido. It is a community of faith existing to glorify God and to make the gospel of Christ known through the church. The WSC community is a diverse one, composed of faculty, staff, and students from a variety of denominations. This diversity, especially among the student body, ensures an atmosphere of challenging and stimulating discussions about theology and ministry.

Your conversations and interactions with faculty and fellow students will undoubtedly sharpen your convictions and clarify your communication skills, which is why WSC is committed to cultivating an environment that is both academically and relationally nurturing. 


Westminster Seminary California has launched the most ambitious initiative since it was founded nearly 4 decades ago: the building of a residential village for our students and their families.

This residential village will enhance the already vibrant community of faith that has been the hallmark of WSC where students thrive on face-to- face education, and it will provide a community where fellowship and families flourish, and life-long relationships are established for a life-time of ministry. Click here to learn more.



Morning Devotions 

Morning devotions are held at 10:00-10:20 a.m. every Tuesday and Thursday during the academic year. Speakers include faculty, local pastors, missionaries, and Christian lay people.

Faculty Advisor Prayer Groups

Faculty advisor prayer groups are available for students to attend each Wednesday at 10:00-10:20 a.m. during the academic year for prayer and conversation with their faculty advisor in a small group of other students.

Warfield Seminars

The Warfield Seminar is an opportunity for students to engage in informal conversation with professors on their current research.

Named after theologian B.B. Warfield, it is held about three times a semester, and a professor makes available a paper that he has been working on, often in preparation for a conference presentation, journal article, or chapter in a book. At the Warfield Seminar the professor presents his argument and engages in discussion with students and professors about his research and conclusions. Students have the opportunity to expand the horizons of their theological education through these unique engagements.

Student Associations

WSC has several associations intended to foster fellowship and community among students, their spouses, faculty and staff.