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Why WSC?
Why WSC?

Confessionally Reformed

Westminster Seminary California is committed to the Gospel of Christ as taught by the inerrant Scriptures and as summarized in the Reformed confessions of faith.

Each of our faculty members are committed to the Reformed doctrines and practice. Our students come from a variety of geographical, theological, and church backgrounds. The unity of our faculty and diversity of our student body ensures an atmosphere of stimulating learning and discussion about theology and ministry

Personal Community

WSC is committed to a face-to-face education model, believing ministry preparation and academics are best done in relationship and community.

The seminary maintains a 1:11 faculty/student ratio and intentionally fosters personal interaction between our accomplished professors and WSC students.

Our on-campus housing village enables mutual support, community life, friendships, and relational growth amongst students and their families.

Rigorous Education

We believe that high academic standards and carefully designed curriculum best serve the Church and our students.

The heart of the WSC educational experience is our outstanding and accomplished faculty.

WSC’s rigorous academic standards and emphases give graduates the skills to excel and to leave well-prepared for numerous endeavors. WSC alumni have been accepted into prestigious academic programs around the world.

Church Focused

WSC exists to serve Christ, His Gospel, and His Church by preparing the next generation of pastors and leaders.

WSC is engaged in serving churches through learning resources, events, partnerships, internships, scholarships, graduate placement, and more.

Generous scholarship packages and affordable housing from WSC serve churches by minimizing financial constraints upon future leaders.

Purposeful Curriculum

Our rigorous, structured theological education centers on the study of the Scriptures in their original languages, Hebrew and Greek. Students are equipped with tools to understand and interpret the Word of God faithfully.

Our mode of education is not innovative. It reflects  John Calvin’s practices in Geneva, and the Old Princeton Seminary model.

The curriculum and coursework is coordinated to work together and complement coursework from each department and discipline. Classroom learning is supplemented by and applied in ministry internships.

Globally Minded

Our institutional bylaws guide us and our gateway location in San Diego positions us to engage and to serve Latin America and Asia, and the world. WSC is the only fully accredited, interdenominational Reformed seminary in the western United States.

Training in a context of cultural and ecclesiological diversity is valuable for engaging a diverse, changing world with the Gospel message.

WSC has been blessed to have students from over 25 countries and regularly enrolls 15-20% international students.


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