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Transformed by Grace

Jesus Christ is a complete Savior, bringing us a comprehensive rescue from all the damage that our sin has done. On the ground of his blood and righteousness, his sacrificial death and obedient life imputed to us, God graciously declares us right in his sight, immediately and forever, through faith in Christ alone. In an accompanying legal act of God’s free grace, we are adopted as children. And God’s redemptive mercy does not leave our corrupt affections and desires unchallenged and unchanged. In Galatians Paul speaks even more about the transformative power of the Spirit of the Son working quietly and patiently within us as he does about God’s forensic acts (justification, adoption) that secure our standing before the court of heaven and our seat at the Father’s family table. The Spirit’s transformative work in us the already-justified, bearing his beautiful fruit, is another dimension of the good news of God’s amazing grace.

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