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Chapel & Convocation Schedules
Chapel & Convocation Schedules

The spiritual life of Westminster Seminary California is nurtured by Morning Devotions on Tuesdays and Thursdays and student-advisor prayer groups on Wednesdays. Morning Devotion speakers include faculty, local pastors, missionaries, and Christian lay people. All devotional exercises are governed by the Word of God, which remains the true guide in Christian worship and prayer, as well as in all other activities of the Christian life and life on campus. All of our Morning Devotion messages are available in the WSC Resource Center or through iTunes.

WSC also hosts various lecturers and academic convocations throughout each academic year. These events provide WSC students to hear from and interact with visiting pastors and scholars on a variety of issues of interest to theological students. To allow for extended lectures on these days, the normal course schedule is adapted to our Convocation Schedule.

FALL 2021 Morning Devotion Series

Tuesdays: Guest Pastors

This Fall we look forward to hearing devotionals from a variety of pastors during our Tuesday morning chapels. We hope you will be able to join us.

Thursdays: Christian Virtues

Christian Virtues are the fruit of the Holy Spirit in the believer's life, as he conforms us into the image of Christ (Rom 8:4-13). As those who are part of the new creation in Christ, we are called to pursue holiness (Col 3:5; 2 Cor 7:1). This semester the faculty will explore various Christian virtues as revealed in Scripture and the person and work of Jesus. The series will examine various Christian virtues in their relationship to God, to one another, and in their inter-relatedness to other virtues. We pray that the series will prove to be helpful and fruitful in our lives.

Morning Devotions

Nov 9: Rev. Craig Marshall
Nov. 11: Dr. Jason Barrie, Christian Virtues
Nov. 16: Rev. Robert Recio
Nov. 18:
Dr. Nick Brennen, Christian Virtues
Nov. 23: Rev. John Kong
Nov. 30: Rev. Bradd Nymeyer
Dec. 2:
President Joel Kim, President's Chapel


Convocation Schedule

Class Hour

Regular Schedule

Convocation Schedule

I 8:00–8:55 8:00–8:55
II 9:00–9:55 9:00–9:55
Chapel/ Convocation 10:00–10:30 10:00–11:00
Break 10:30–10:40 11:00–11:20
III 10:45–11:40 11:20–12:15
IV 11:45–12:40 12:20–1:15
Lunch 12:45–1:40 1:15–2:00
V 1:45–2:40 2:00–2:55
VI 2:45–3:40 3:00–3:55
VII 3:45–4:40 4:00–4:55
Dinner 4:45–5:55 5:00–5:55
VIII 6:00–6:55 6:00–6:55
IX 7:00–7:55 7:00–7:55