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Latest Faculty Publications! Clark, Horton, and Fesko

June 16, 2016


There are several new faculty publications! Dr. Horton has recently published his latest book, Core Christianity: Finding Yourself in God's Story. In this book Dr. Horton addresses the core beliefs that every Christian should embrace. You can listen to the Office Hours interview about Dr. Horton's book here.




Dr. Clark is the series editor for Classic Reformed Theology, and the long awaited publication of Johannes Cocceius's The Doctrine of the Covenant and Testament of God​ has just been released! This is bound to be a good read, as Cocceius was one of the foremost authorities on Reformed covenant theology.





And Dr. Fesko's book The Trinity and the Covenant of Redemption will be available in just four short days! This is the dogmatic treatment of the doctrine. If you're into historical theology, you can look at his book on the history of the doctrine, published late last year, The Covenant of Redemption: Origins, Development, and Reception. These two books are the first installments of a planned six volume double trilogy, with follow-up volumes on the history and doctrine of the covenants of works and grace. You can listen to the Office Hours interviews about these books on the covenant of redemption here and here.






If you're looking for some good summer reading, tolle lege, take up and read!