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Meet A Student/Graduate

Brad Lenzner

Brad Lenzner

When I first came to visit the Westminster Seminary California (WSC) campus I did not know what to expect. What are the professors like? How diverse is the student body? Is it a stuffy or a gracious place? Just what kind of Christians are the people at this seminary?

As I toured the campus and met some of the students and professors, I quickly realized that there was something peculiar about this place. I saw right away that a vibrant, Christ-filled atmosphere existed amongst the faculty and students. The people I met were genuine and down to earth. I don’t think I could have had a more positive first impression. I eagerly enrolled for classes.

My first impression was accurate. Throughout my time at WSC, I greatly benefited from the Christ-centered, pastoral qualities of the entire faculty. I had many opportunities to eat and fellowship with a number of my professors. When I had questions or needed further explanation of lecture material, they were easy to find and even eager to help me. Some of my best memories are conversations with Dr. Bryan Estelle and other students after class. (My classmates were just as awesome as the professors.) Those conversations were filled with profound insights that have to this day helped me to minister God’s Word to his people.

I came to WSC because I wanted to learn more about Jesus Christ through the Scriptures and how to preach his gospel to the world. I am so thankful to the Lord because that is exactly what I gained from WSC! The Word of God came alive to me through the teaching of my professors, and Christ was clearly the center of each course. WSC has also taught me to appreciate the Reformed creeds and confessions—their usefulness for teaching about the faith and for understanding biblical doctrine. Not only was my understanding of the Bible expanded and revolutionized, my personal life was transformed as well. I have formed relationships with people at WSC who will no doubt point me to Christ for a lifetime.

By the grace of God I can confidently say that I know Jesus better and have been given the necessary tools to preach his name from all the Scriptures to the nations because of the Lord’s work in me and many others through the faculty and staff of Westminster Seminary California. 

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