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Non-Degree Programs

Non-Degree Programs

Westminster Seminary California offers a variety of study programs for students who do not intend to pursue a Master’s degree. Students enrolled in the Visiting, Non-Matriculating, Certificate and Audit Programs are required to observe all policies and procedures stated in the Academic Catalogue with the exception of those specifically pertaining to M.Div. or M.A. program requirements. Please note, students who are not enrolled in a Master’s degree program are not eligible for financial aid or veterans’ benefits.

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Visiting Student Program

Through the Visiting Student Program, students holding a Bachelor’s degree from an approved institution may take academic courses for credit without admission to a M.A./M.Div. degree program. Visiting Students may enroll in any class offered by WSC as long as they have met the prerequisites for the class. If a Visiting Student applies and is accepted into a degree program at a later date, credits earned as a Visiting Student will be applied to the degree program.

Each Visiting Student Applicant must submit:

  1. Visiting Student Application
  2. Non-refundable $15 application fee
  3. Official transcript showing the completion of a Bachelor’s degree program.
  4. TOEFL and TWE scores (if the applicant is not a native English speaker)

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Non-Matriculating Student Program

Students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs at other educational institutions may, without application to and matriculation in a degree program WSC, take courses for transfer of credit to their current programs.

Each Non-Matriculating Student Applicant must submit:

  1. Non-Matriculating Student Application
  2. An official transcript from the institution in which the student is currently enrolled
  3. Written notification from the Registrar at the institution in which the student is currently enrolled that each course to be taken at WSC is approved for credit toward their degree requirements

The above requirements must be submitted to the Office of Admissions prior to the first day of class for the semester in which they wish to enroll. The Academic Dean makes a final determination as to whether a Non-Matriculating Student has sufficient academic background to enroll in a particular course.

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Certificate Program

Westminster Seminary California’s certificate programs are designed for those men or women for whom the completion of a Bachelor’s degree is not feasible, who desire to develop personal understanding of Scripture and theology, and who anticipate pursuing no further academic study. The curricula for these certificate programs are identical to the M.A. Biblical Studies, M.A. Theological Studies, and M.A. Historical Theology, respectively. A limited number of certificate students are admitted in any one year.

Though WSC is not able to award academic credit or a master's degree to individuals pursuing this program, a certificate with accompanying transcript will attest to the student’s completion of a unified course of studies in biblical, theological, or historical theology disciplines. Certificate students register for courses with for-credit students, pay regular tuition and fees, receive faculty evaluation of course assignments and examinations, and have a record of their completion of certificate requirements maintained by the Registrar. “Pass/ Fail” evaluation is used for certificate students and reported on their transcripts. Applicants to the Certificate program should follow the application process for the Master of Arts Program.

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Audit Program (Non-Credit)

As a service to the Christian community, the Audit Program allows individuals to audit most academic courses at reduced tuition rate (50% designated per-credit rate) on a space-available basis.

Audit privileges include regular class attendance, copies of all photocopied or printed material distributed free to the class, and the opportunity to ask occasional questions in class. Normally auditors will not be permitted to participate in classroom exercises or recitations or to make seminar presentations, nor will assignments or examinations be reviewed or graded by the instructor.

Persons desiring to audit are required to:

  1. Secure the permission of the Registrar
  2. Complete the Audit Registration Form
  3. Pay a non-refundable fee of one-half the regular tuition charge for each course audited.

Minors (persons under 17 years old) are permitted to audit a course only when they have either graduated from high school or passed the GED exam, or the instructor in charge has given permission.

Occasional visitors must seek permission of the instructor for each class they wish to attend and will not have the privilege of participation in class discussion. Auditors and other members of the community have access to the library collection and on-site resources, and for a nominal fee they may apply for circulation privileges.

Download Audit Registration Form

Listener's Pass Program (Non-Credit)

As a service to the Christian community, the Listener’s Pass Program (non-credit) offers select courses at a special audit rate.  Students granted a Listener’s Pass must meet all requirements and observe all policies stipulated for the Audit Program (above). Current offerings for each semester are listed on the Listener’s Pass Registration Form.

Listener's Pass opportunities


All application and registration materials for non-degree seeking students should be submitted to:

Westminster Seminary California
Attn: Office of Admissions
1725 Bear Valley Pkwy
Escondido, CA 92027
FAX 760/480.0252