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Degree Calendars & Checklists

Degree Calendars and Checklists help students track their progress toward degree completion and know which courses to register for in a given term.

Degree Checklists

Degree Checklists outline the requirements that must be met before a particular degree can be awarded. These requirements are the same regardless of which degree calendar a student follows (see the section on Degree Calendars below). 

MDiv Checklist | MABS CHECKLIST | MATS Checklist | MAHT Checklist


Dual MABS-MATS Checklist | Dual MDIV-MAHT Checklist

Degree Calendars

Degree Calendars provide a term-by-term schedule for obtaining a degree from WSC. Deviation from your Degree Calendar may result in course conflicts that delay your academic program. Students should consult the Registrar prior to making any changes to their degree calendar (see the section on Academic Advising below). 

MDIV:  MDIV Calendar (3-year, summer start) | MDIV Calendar (4-year, Greek FirsT) 

                  MDIV Calendar (4-Year, Hebrew FirsT) | MDIV Calendar (3.5-year, Spring Start)

MABS:  MABS CalendaR (2-year, summer start) | MABS Calendar (2.5-year, spring start)

MATS:  MATS Calendar (2-year, Summer Start) | MATS Calendar (2.5-year, Spring Start)

MAHT:  MAHT Calendar (2-year, Summer Start) | MAHT Calendar (2.5-year, Spring Start)

Dual Degrees:  MABS-MATS Calendar (Summer Start) | MDIV-MAHT Calendar (Summer Start)

​Academic Advising

When it comes to registration, students may be tempted to make decisions about course enrollment based on immediate interests and concerns without accounting for the impact of these decisions on their academic progress. Students considering a deviation from their degree calendar are strongly encouraged to consult the Registrar prior to making any such changes to their registration or enrollment. The Registrar is available to provide academic advice that considers students' immediate concerns in light of their broader academic program.