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Sola Scriptura

  |  Type: Interviews, WSC Videos, 5 Solas

"The Scriptures are the sole, final ruling authority for the Christian faith and the Christian life."

Watch as Dr. R. Scott Clark explains the importance of sola scriptura. 

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Who are the Reformers: John Calvin

June 22,2016   |  Type: Interviews, WSC Videos, Reformers

Dr. R. Scott Clark gives a brief history of French Reformer, John Calvin.

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Authentic, Strategic, and Confessional Church Planting

Resident Faculty, R. Scott Clark   |   April 17,2015   |  Type: Articles, UPDATE Magazine

Our glorious Lord has given us a mission and a powerful message to which he has attached great promises, namely the promise to use the proclamation of that message to raise the dead to life and to put the living to death. 

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