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Ecclesiastes 3:1-9

Guests, Jeremy Allen   |   February 26,2019   |   Old Testament, Ecclesiastes   |  Type: Morning Devotions Series

Graduating senior Jeremy Allen exhorts from Ecclesiastes 3:1-9

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Prayer: The Sufficient Words of Christ

Wisdom reminds us that when we approach God in prayer and worship that our words should be few; since, our foolish tendency is to multiply words instead of trusting in the perfect and sufficient words of Christ.

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Consider the Work of God.

To be happy in this life it's not enough to just do the standard things; we nust consider the work of God.

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Time and Chance

The Preacher of Ecclesiastes cautions us not to be overly optimistic about wisdom and its power.  Even though wisdom works well, time and chance can spoil the benefits of wisdom and a little bit of folly can destroy wisdom’s power.

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Where Wisdom is Found

J. V. Fesko discusses his book on Ecclesiastes, Where Wisdom is Found: Christ in Ecclesiastes.

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Ecclesiastes 1:1-11

The only way to understand and appreciate Ecclesiastes is to do so in light of Jesus Christ who was wisdom made manifest.

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Christ the Consummation of Wisdom

Resident Faculty, Bryan D. Estelle   |   November 1,2007   |  Type: Articles

In our search for unity in the Scriptures, we must hear what Proverbs and Ecclesiastes are telling us about retribution.

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