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The Gospel in the Gospels

How (Not) To Enter the Kingdom

Mark 10:13-52 presents four ways by which one might seek to enter the kingdom. Jesus instructs us to enter the kingdom as a child and as a blind man, but not as the rich or powerful.

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Come to Me that You May Have Life

 Reasons to put our faith in Jesus as Rescuer and descriptions of unbelief.

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As It Was in the Days of Noah

Many Christians quite misunderstand our Lord’s teaching in Matthew 24 because they miss the parallel that our Lord drew between his future bodily return and the days of Noah. Indeed, missing the connection between Noah and Jesus has been the cornerstone of the entire “Left Behind” phenomenon and has been since the beginning of the modern “secret rapture” craze since 1972.

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The Gospel in the Gospels: Matt 28:20

Jesus assures his disciples on the verge of their worldwide ministry as he is about to depart of his constant presence with his people throughout this age.

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From Bondage to Blessing

Because Christ, the Son of Man, paralyzed sin and death for us, we must continue to trust him and bring others to his feet.

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