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Why Should Women Study Theology?

Guests, Whitney Gamble   |   February 24,2017   |  Type: Interviews, WSC Videos, Westminster Answers

Westminster Welcomes: Dr. Whitney Gamble, assistant professor of biblical and theological studies at Providence Christian College.

Dr. Gamble answers the question, "Why should women study theology?"

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Hope and the Heart

Resident Faculty, Joshua J. Van Ee   |   February 23,2017   |   Old Testament, Proverbs   |  Type: Morning Devotions Series, Wisdom

Through this experiential saying on hope and the heart, we gain understanding into our nature as humans, helping us to live rightly as God's redeemed people in this world.

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Seeking God with the Psalmist - 2

Westminster Seminary California President Dr. W. Robert Godfrey continues an 8-part devotional series titled, "Seeking God with the Psalmist."

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Facing Race

Guests, Vincent Bacote   |   February 20,2017   |  Type: Interviews, Office Hours

Office Hours talks to Dr. Vincent Bacote about facing race in todays society. 

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What I Didn’t Learn in Seminary

Guests, Zack Eswine   |   February 16,2017   |   Old Testament, Ecclesiastes   |  Type: Lecture Series, Convocations

 Dr. Eswine exposited Ecclesiastes 9:13-16. First, we must learn to come alongside our congregation and show care and love for them in God’s grace as we apply the wisdom we learn from His creation and providence as Jesus exemplified. Secondly, we are called to become wise men ourselves and be content with being small and insignificant in the eyes of the world but known and loved by God.

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The Westminster Assembly and the Challenges of Antinomianism

Guests, Whitney Gamble   |   February 15,2017   |  Type: Lecture Series, Convocations

Women in Theology Lectures Series with Dr. Whitney Gamble. Dr. Gamble lectures on the Westminster Assembly and the Challenges of Antinomianism. 

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Contending for the Faith

Guests, Jason Vander Horst   |   February 14,2017   |   New Testament, Jude   |  Type: Morning Devotions Series

A closer look at Jude’s exhortation. He exhorts us to “keep" ourselves in the love of God, but all the while God is the one who “keeps" us. Our contending comes within the context of his keeping. We persevere because he preserves.

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What is the Gospel?

Dr. Julius J. Kim answers the simple but profound question, "what is the Gospel?" in this latest Westminster Answers installment

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Resident Faculty, J. V. Fesko   |   February 9,2017   |   Old Testament, Psalms   |  Type: Morning Devotions Series

How much does the world influence how we respond to personal attacks and vitriol? Wisdom literature provides us with an infrequently tried response, namely, silence.

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Seeking God with the Psalmist - 1

Westminster Seminary California President Dr. W. Robert Godfrey begins an 8-part devotional series titled, "Seeking God with the Psalmist."

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Johannes Cocceius

Guests, Casey Carmichael   |   February 6,2017   |  Type: Interviews, Office Hours

Office Hours talks to Dr. Casey Carmichael about his work producing the first English translation of "The Doctrine of the Covenant and Testament of God," by Johannes Cocceius; a work that helped shape Reformed theology for centuries.

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Where Are They Now? with Ted Hamilton

Guests, Ted Hamilton   |   January 23,2017   |  Type: Interviews, Office Hours

In this episode, Office Hours talks to Ted Hamilton about being in ministry since graduating from WSC. 

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Speaker Panel

2017 Faculty Conference Question and Answer Panel.

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The Church Reduced

One of the key outcomes of the Protestant Reformation was the recovery of a biblical ecclesiology, or the doctrine of the church. Luther and other Reformers emphasized the priesthood of all believers over and against the hierarchical systems found in the Roman Catholic Church. 

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The Gospel Recast

There is no shortage of “gospel” things, from gospel music to gospel vacations. But what is the gospel itself and has it become captive to agendas that bear a loose relationship to the redemption in Christ that we find in the Scriptures?  

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