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David M. VanDrunen

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Fear Not

God encourages his exiled people by assuring them of his presence through trials, reminding them of their value to him, and promising to re-gather them.

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How Should Christians Think About Ethics?

Dr. VanDrunen answers the question, "how should Christians think about ethics?" in this Westminster Answers video.

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Teaching Abraham Righteousness and Justice

God uses his judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah to train Abraham in righteousness and justice. Abraham sees both God’s righteous judgment and his righteous mercy.

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Sojourning before Pagans

1 Peter 2 proclaims Christians the new people of God, and exhorts them to live accordingly as sojourners and exiles, with exemplary lives before unbelievers. Genesis 20 shows how the original sojourner, Abraham, failed to do this, yet also displays God’s common grace.

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Fasting or Feasting?

In Matthew 9:14-17, Jesus teaches that fasting, although fitting under the old covenant, is not to be an ordinary practice of new covenant believers due to their joy in the fellowship of Christ.

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God’s Stories as Theology

The stories of Scripture provide more than just information or a broad background for understanding biblical truth. These stories not only allow us to see our doctrine in action but in many cases they actually become part of our doctrine itself

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How (Not) To Enter the Kingdom

Mark 10:13-52 presents four ways by which one might seek to enter the kingdom. Jesus instructs us to enter the kingdom as a child and as a blind man, but not as the rich or powerful.

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Aquinas Among the Protestants

Resident Faculty, David M. VanDrunen   |   September 4, 2017   |  Type: Interviews, Office Hours

Office Hours talks with Dr. David VanDrunen about the new book he co-edited, "Aquinas Among the Protestants." 

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The Holy Spirit and Sola Scriptura

Resident Faculty, David M. VanDrunen   |   June 27, 2016   |  Type: Interviews, Office Hours

 Office Hours talks to Dr. David VanDrunen about the the Holy Spirit and Sola Scriptura

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Who is Man?

Dr. David VanDrunen discusses what it means to be image bearers of God in response to the important question, "who is man?"

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At the end of 2 Corinthians Paul proclaims a fitting benediction upon his readers.

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Two Kingdoms & Kuyper Dialogue

Dr. W. Robert Godfrey and Dr. David VanDrunen each give a brief lecture and then converse with one another on the subject of Two Kingdoms and Kuyper.

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Soli Deo Gloria

Resident Faculty, David M. VanDrunen   |   November 16, 2015   |  Type: Interviews, Office Hours

Office Hours talks with Professor David VanDrunen about his new book on the topic of Soli Deo Gloria (Glory to God Alone).

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Paul beautifully explains how Christ is the great Yes to all of God's promises, to which believers are called to submit their Yes of faith.

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