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Joint Campus Event

January 14, 2022 – January 15, 2022

SEMINARY FOR A DAY is an all-day, campus-wide event designed to give prospective students a glimpse into life at WSC.  Rather than just reading or hearing about it, you'll get to experience seminary for yourself!  Our next SFAD will be held on Friday January 14th.  This special event will be held in conjunction with our annual faculty conference featuring lectures by Michael S. Horton, W. Robert Godfrey, and others.  You will also have the opportunity to sit in on classes, engage with our faculty in a Q&A-style panel, chat with a member of our admissions team, and more!

Register today for our January 14th Seminary for a Day and we will waive your registration fee for the Annual Conference!


Even if you are not interested in our Seminary for a Day event, join us for the 2022 Annual Conference, From Faith to Faith. Our conference will explore various facets of doctrine and life as they touch upon the centrality of faith in the Christian life. In particular we will examine the nature, heart, gift, challenges, and hope of faith.