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Internship Spotlight: Caley Meza

Program: Master of Divinity (M.Div.)

Hosting Church: Orland Park Christian Reformed Church (CRC)

Hosting Pastor: Rev. Derek Buikema (M.Div. Westminster Seminary California)

Location: Orland Park, IL

Internship Highlight: 

"My internship at Orland Park Christian Reformed Church has been an incredible blessing. I’m thankful for the privileged work I’ve been given to do here, as well as the pastors I’ve been able to do it with. One thing I’ve been glad to be reminded of is that there is a tremendous difference between seminary and the Church, and that the greater, more precious thing is most certainly the latter. The Church is a treasure, filled with God’s real people, who have real problems, real sorrows, and who really need good pastors who will give them Christ every week, in Word and Sacraments. I am so thankful for seminary and for all that it has taught me. But to be reminded that it is not the telos, but preparatory, and to witness again the glory of the Church, which is incomparable to the glory of classroom, has been well received."


Westminster Seminary California’s Field Education Program is designed to integrate on-campus studies with part-time ministry in local churches. Field education involves supervised hands-on ministry experience and opportunities for evaluation and reflection with mentors, peers, and professors, in which students are given opportunities to develop the skills and gifts necessary for effective ministry. The Field Education Program at WSC provides an opportunity for Master of Divinity students to gain practical ministry experience to which they can apply the information learned in the classroom. In this way the WSC curriculum seeks to balance intense Christian scholarship with practical ministry.