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Alternative Housing Options

Housing is one of the most basic concerns for students relocating to Escondido to attend Westminster Seminary California. The Office of Admissions provides extensive housing resources for our students.

Local Apartments

There are numerous apartment complexes within walking and driving distance from the WSC campus. Students have lived in several of these complexes and recommend them to new students. 

Alternative Housing

The Office of Admissions maintains a list of local rooms, guest homes, and houses for rent through private homeowners. These opportunities are often less expensive than apartments. 


A list of interested individuals seeking roommates and shared housing situations is part of the alternative housing list.

Purchasing a House

The Office of Admissions has a list of recommended realtors. 


If you have any questions about housing, please contact Mark MacVey ( He is happy to give you information about any of the resources listed above and assist you in your housing search.