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Life Together: Creating Lasting Bonds

February 23, 2017

The WSC family believes that community and fellowship is an integral and necessary part of seminary. This community brings to heart what is being studied in the classrooms as our students, spouses, families, faculty and staff care, grow, and pray with and for one another as we live Life Together.

by John Kong, 2nd year M.Div. student

Having a relationship with people in the 21st century is a lot different than what it used to be. The digital age that we live in allows us to stay connected in ways that were unimaginable in the past, and various technologies and apps allow us instantaneous access to people. While these enhancements have been a huge blessing, some may think that it causes our interactions to be less personal, as we are always talking to a screen instead of an individual. Thankfully that is not the case at WSC. The relationships students have with one another are very personal, and due to the small student-body size the campus has sort of a communal feeling to it. It makes learning more enjoyable, and also provides support when one is struggling, whether academically or personally.

Many students at WSC develop relationships with one another because they share housing together. While we eagerly anticipate for the on-campus housing project to be complete, many students will currently share a house with one or more seminarians in order to have an affordable cost for housing. I happen to be one of those students, and it allows me to get to know my housemate at a much deeper level. Whether it's eating at a restaurant, going to the movies, surfing at the beach, or hiking one of the numerous trails in San Diego, we spend a lot of time together and I am grateful for the fellowship that we have. I can bounce ideas off of him and ask him questions regarding any material in class that I don’t understand, and we can also pray together and share our burdens with one another, which is a huge help to me.

"I truly treasure the relationships that I have made with my classmates during my time at WSC, and look forward to getting to know even more people with each new incoming class."

Another way I get to know my fellow classmates is at church. I am blessed to be at a church with other seminary students, and being able to worship together on the Lord’s Day is such an amazing experience. On top of that, we sometimes serve together, whether it is teaching Sunday School or leading Bible Studies. I am able to double check with them to see if the way I am teaching something is clear and correct, which gives me assurance and confidence that what I am saying is accurate. It also allows me to see how other people serve, and to learn from them and see how they prepare.

I truly treasure the relationships that I have made with my classmates during my time at WSC, and look forward to getting to know even more people with each new incoming class. Even though I am not sure what kind of ministry God has planned for me after graduation, I know that I can always reach out to the brothers and sisters I met at WSC, whether it is for guidance or prayer. I also hope that I can be of support to them in the future, as we all seek to glorify Him and serve His church.


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