Westminster Seminary California
A Pastor’s Reflections: What I Do In the Pulpit

I don’t know about other pastors, but I have a number of habits and things that I do when I’m in the pulpit. I’m not talking about preaching, as every pastor preaches from the pulpit. Rather, I’m talking about the little things that people probably never notice. Like what, you ask?

A Pastor’s Reflections: Meat Eaters

I can remember sitting in my various seminary classes and some of my professors were truly inspiring. One professor in particular had an amazing mastery of historical theology—a truly voluminous knowledge.

A Pastor’s Reflections: Wasting Your Gifts

I can remember sitting in the high school guidance counselor’s office when he told me that I should consider a vocational path rather than attending college. My grades weren’t spectacular—they weren’t atrocious either—but they were nevertheless lackluster.

A Pastor’s Reflections: PhD Studies?

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “Where should I go to do PhD studies?” This is a question that has two important parts even though it appears only to have one part. The obvious part is, Where should I study?

A Pastor’s Reflections: Useless Debates

In the history of church formal debates have played a role in helping the church sort out truth from falsehood. One of the most famous written debates was between Martin Luther and Erasmus of Rotterdam on the nature of the will.