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Category – To the Ends of the Earth

To the Ends of the Earth: Church Planting and the Foolishness of Our Methods

by Ross Hodges As I approached graduation from WSC, I told my wife that I was willing to consider almost any possible call, with one notable exception - church planting. The thought of being part of something that was starting from scratch, something that had no support system already in…

To the Ends of the Earth: When Sheep Attack

by a WSC alum Going in to ministry everyone knows there will be opposition. We know that there will be hostile atheists heaping scorn upon us. We know that there will be secularists who wonder why we are so intolerant. We know to expect the sideways glance and snarky remark…

To the Ends of the Earth: A Case for Bi-Vocational Church Planting

by alum Andy Smith Like most newly-minted seminary graduates looking for work, I am continually checking my e-mail, eagerly anticipating an update concerning my future employment. Unlike most seminary grads, the emails I’m looking for are not from Covenant Presbyterian Church or Christ Reformed Church, but from Liberty Mutual and…

To the Ends of the Earth: Contextualization for the Sake of Others

by alum Chris Sandoval They had no concept of the gospel. Living in a remote corner or the world, these people knew little more than each other, their pagan religion, and their paradise home. Then on an especially dark and stormy day, a missionary arrived and, in fear, the half-naked…

To the Ends of the Earth: Convictions to Stand Upon

by Nathan White, WSC alum It is well known that church planting is an arduous task. The months of preparation, long hours, and immense stress drive many church planters to the brink of burnout. Recognizing this reality, there is a mountain of books, seminars, and other resources being produced to…