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Category – Justification

A Pastor’s Reflections: Christian Liberty

One of the most undervalued and unknown doctrines is Christian Liberty. These days fundamentalism is on the rise in the Reformed churches. People believe that the only way to combat the ever-increasing tide of secularism is to build high doctrinal sea walls to preserve the church from the flood. They…

A Pastor’s Reflections: Fallen Heroes

I can remember walking through an airport as a small crowd gathered around a TV to watch Lance Armstrong win his seventh Tour de France. I was impressed with Armstrong’s performance and even inspired to work harder in my own endeavors. Most know that a few years later evidence surfaced…

Basics of the Reformed Faith: Justification

Kim Riddlebarger
Reformed Christians affirm without hesitation that the doctrine of justification is the article of faith by which the church stands or falls. Although the oft-cited comment is attributed to Martin Luther, it was actually the Reformed theologian, J. H. Alsted (1588-1638), who first put these words to paper–no doubt echoing…
February 28, 2012

Words and Things Part 4

S. M. Baugh
  Last time, we looked at the difference between glosses and word meanings. A gloss is an English word substitute and is of concern primarily to translators, while meaning is a brief description of a word’s referent. I illustrated this difference with some rather simple nouns, but now let’s look…