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Category – Church

The Members of the Church

Julius J. Kim
According to one dictionary, an oxymoron is defined as “a combination of contradictory or incongruous words,” like the phrase “cruel kindness” or “sweet sorrow.” Is the phrase “churchless Christian” an oxymoron? Though the Bible does not have one specific verse that states unequivocally that church membership is required for all…

Theology for the Sake of the Church

David M. VanDrunen
Westminster Seminary California often advertises itself as providing an academically rigorous theological education. That is truth in advertising. The seminary requires extensive study of Hebrew and Greek, careful exegesis of biblical texts, research papers on theological topics, and many other academic exercises. But WSC also claims to pursue its mission…

The Spirituality of the Church

Bryan D. Estelle
Years ago Dr. Machen, the founder of Westminster Seminary wrote in his customary exquisite prose: You cannot expect from a true Christian church an official pronouncement upon the political and social questions of the day, and you cannot expect cooperation with the state in anything involving the use of force.…

A Pastor’s Reflections: Protect Your Pastor!

All you have to do is read the headlines on the interweb to know that we live in some crazy times. It seems like people are all to willing to use violence as a means of promoting their agenda. And it seems to be a growing trend that more and…