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New Student Registration and Orientation

Welcome to Westminster Seminary California! We are excited you will be joining our seminary community. On this page you will find the information you need to make your transition to WSC as smooth as possible.

Some things to keep in mind over the coming weeks or months as you prepare to begin your studies at Westminster Seminary California.

Important Dates

Summer/Fall 2020

July 1 - Registration deadline & $100 Enrollment Deposit Due
July 27- Greek Placement Exam, 9am (Hebrew by appointment)
July 28- Summer Greek I begins
Aug. 28 - Greek I ends
Aug. 28 - Greek I Final Exam
Sept. 1 - Greek Placement Exam, 9am (Hebrew by appointment)
Sept. 2 - New Student Orientation & Reception 
Sept. 3 - First day of Fall Semester classes
Sept. 14 - English Bible Exam, 3 pm


Nov 15 - Registration Opens
Jan 4 - Registration & Enrollment Deposit are Due
Jan 5 - Winter Term classes begin
Feb 8 - Spring New Student Orientation
Feb 9 - Spring Semester classes begin

2020 Summer/Fall New Student Registration

1) Review Summer and Fall 2020 course schedules below:

2) Review the Degree Program layout for your program.  The degree program listed in your student profile in Populi is the program you provided on your application.  If you decide to pursue a different degree program, you will need to send a request for us to change it. 

Master of Divinity

Master of Arts

3) Login to the Populi Student Information System to register during the designated registration period.  You should see an alert that says "registration now open" on the home screen.  Click on the link to get to the registration page (there will also be a registration tab in your personal profile).  Courses for which you are eligible to register will have a green button under the Enroll/Audit column.  Select the courses you need by clicking the green button.  These courses will then show up above under "My Courses."  Once completed, please remember to click "Save" at the top of the screen or your course selection will be lost.  If you are registering for two terms (i.e. Summer/Fall or Winter/Spring) you will need to change the term directly under the profile menu to get to the other term (Note: you must register for Greek I (Summer) before you can register for Greek II (Fall)). 

You should register for all potential classes, including those for which you hope to place/test out including Greek/Hebrew language courses, PT400 Graduate Theological Writing, and PT410 Oral Communication.  You will be automatically removed (without charge) from any courses for which you receive a waiver.

4) Pay the $100 Enrollment Deposit which is due by July 1st (Fall start) or December 15 (Spring start) by credit or debit card in Populi (under the financial tab) or by sending a check to:

Westminster Seminary California
Office of Admissions
1725 Bear Valley Pkwy
Escondido, CA 92027

5) Once you are registered you should see pending charges for the courses you selected as well as any pending aid (please note, however, if you have been awarded a scholarship based on a % of your tuition, the actual amount may not be calculated yet).  You will receive an invoice for these courses during the month in which the term begins--after July 1st (for Summer), after August 1st (for Fall), after January 1 (for Winter) and after February 1 (for Spring).  If you would like to make a payment sooner, you are welcome to do that through Populi or by sending a check to our business office and we will apply the funds to your account.  More Information regarding tuition and fees, payment schedules, refunds, etc. is available here

New Student Orientation & Reception

Wednesday, September 2, 2020 9:00am-3:00pm & 7:00-9:00pm 

This mandatory event is held the day before classes begin each fall and spring for all new degree program students (M.A. or M.Div.). Additional information including a final schedule for the day will be sent to you a few weeks before the event. Orientation helps entering students adjust to WSC by providing necessary information about the many facets of seminary life and course work. This time also allows new students to get to know one another and faculty members. 

Orientation topics will include:

  • Student ID photos
  • Student Life and Behavioral Expectations
  • Academic Issues and Expectations
  • Registration Information
  • Information about Registration, Financial Aid and Housing