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Meet A Student/Graduate

Chris Stevens

Chris Stevens
What led to your decision to pursue seminary?
Once I had been fully convinced of my calling to His ministry and had numerous confirmations from pastors, teachers, and ministry leaders, I began to wonder how to prepare for that end. After looking at various options ranging from monasteries in Europe to Pentecostal prayer houses in Missouri, I began to look into more formal training as well. As God was reforming me doctrinally I became convinced that formal training was absolutely necessary.
What are the main reasons that you chose WSC specifically?
WSC is the school that Machen envisioned! It is at the top of the academic ladder yet never forgets that its sole purpose is to serve, equip, and build up the church at large. While I visited other schools I noticed that there were many professors who were wonderful Christians but few were the soldiers that Machen envisioned. If a professor was scholarly, he would be quite detached from the Church; if he was deeply involved in ministry, his publication level and awareness of recent scholarship was lacking. At WSC, the professors maintain a great balance between scholarship and service to the church. Dr. Horton publishes on an unbelievable scale and yet is always speaking to and serving the church; Dr. Estelle and Dr. VanDrunen are equipping the church with solid biblical defenses against current doctrinal attacks. No doubt, this is Machen’s school, and I get to study under his warrior children.
Are your studies at WSC what you expected? 
WSC has been a wonderful setting for learning, both in the realm of systematic dogmas and about daily Christian life. Classes here have impressed upon me that these realms are actually joined together; doctrine leads to doxology and our praise draws us back to studying more the dramas of redemption. This was expected and hoped for but my studies have offered many unexpected things also. I did not expect a school of higher education to be so concerned with keeping the whole picture in mind. I am constantly being reminded that we need to learn these difficult truths, yet we are to present them to the church and the street in an appropriate manner – not arrogantly as if we were "super-Christians," but in a manner that shows that we too are sinners grateful to a common Savior. I had not expected this life lesson to be present in every class period!
What are a few things that you and Megan have enjoyed about life here thus far?
We have tried to visit different areas of San Diego every weekend. Of course, we skip a few weekends here and there depending on the school load but have found it valuable to set apart time together. Some of our favorite activities have been hiking up Palomar Mountain, spending the day reading by the beach, walking around the Wild Animal Park, and going salsa dancing in La Jolla with friends. We are always telling each other that we don’t want to regret not seeing the beauty of Southern California while we are here.
What do you plan to do after you graduate from WSC? 
We don’t know yet exactly; hopefully the Lord will show us more of His plans as I serve at my church, and the elders can help discern my strengths and weaknesses. The idea of more schooling is on the table as is the pastorate.
What is one of your favorite WSC experiences thus far? 
The time spent with the professors alone has been worth the move out here, but my wife’s and my favorite thing is the friends we have already made. The students bond together through the challenging work load and immensity of issues, and the wives of married students fellowship together sharing their experiences of "surviving seminary." It’s a wonderful campus life experience. 
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