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A campus visit provides an excellent opportunity for you to experience the quality education and community life that WSC has to offer. You have two great ways to visit: WSC offers three Seminary for a Day events each year and hosts personal visits throughout the academic year.

Seminary for a Day

Seminary for a Day is a campus wide event that is all about prospective students. The day starts with breakfast and coffee, and then you’ll take a tour of campus and hear about the history and mission of WSC.  You’ll attend Morning Devotions, which is our chapel program. You’ll sit on two classes to really get a feel for what the education is like here. You’ll attend a faculty panel, where several faculty members will answer your questions about WSC. You’ll also attend a panel of enrollment staff, who will answer logistical questions about applying, financial aid, housing, and more. Enrollment staff are also available all day to answer personal questions. You’ll eat lunch with the whole campus, which is a great time to chat with faculty and current students. By the end of the day, you’ll have a good sense of what this seminary is about and whether it’s a good fit for you.

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Personal Visit

Personal visits are more, well, personal. If you visit during the school year, you’ll take a tour of the campus, and then you’ll meet one-on-one with an admissions representative who will answer all your personal logistical questions. You’ll sit in on two or three classes, which we will try and match to your academic interests. You’ll attend Morning Devotions if you’re visiting on a Tuesday or Thursday. You’ll also get to go out to lunch with a faculty member or current student. This is a great chance to ask your burning theological questions and experience the personal care of our community first hand.

Personal visits may be scheduled on most days, but we recommend that you come Tuesday through Friday during the academic year (Sept-May). During the summer and on breaks there are no classes, but y0u’ll still be able to take a tour, meet with a representative of the admissions office, and go out to lunch. 

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