Westminster Seminary California
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S. M. Baugh Personal Pages




Directed Studies (Fall or Spring)

A First John Reader: Intermediate Greek Reading Notes and Grammar
A New Testament Greek Primer, 23rd ed.

He has written essays and articles in various publications, including:
Covenant, Justification, and Pastoral Ministry (contributor)
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
Marriage and Family in the Biblical World (contributor)
Modern Reformation
New Testament Studies
Still Sovereign: Contemporary Perspectives on Election, Foreknowledge, and Grace (contributor)
The ESV Study Bible (contributor)
The Law is not of Faith (contributor)
Westminster Theological Journal
Women in the Church (contributor)
Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary (contributor)
NT403 Greek IV
NT500 New Testament Interpretation
NT517 Covenant in the New Testament
NT601 Gospels and Acts
NT701 General Epistles and Revelation
Course descriptions are available in the WSC Catalogue.