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Westminster Seminary California (WSC) is a Christian institution seeking to glorify God through graduate theological study. Its primary responsibility is to educate future pastors for Christian churches, especially for Presbyterian and Reformed denominations. It also provides theological education for others who will serve in the Christian community and the larger society.

WSC offers instruction in biblical, theological, and ministerial disciplines to both men and women as the heart of a program to help students to develop intellectually and spiritually as leaders. While the focus of our programs is to educate and prepare men for office-bearing ordained ministries of instruction and leadership as pastors, WSC also furnishes training in Scripture and theology to both women and men who are preparing to serve Christ and His church in vocations other than the ordained leadership ministries so that the whole body of Christ may be enriched through the diverse gifts bestowed by God’s Spirit.

Because zeal without knowledge or knowledge without zeal can only injure the church, WSC seeks to develop in its students a balanced combination of scholarship and Christ-like piety, where proper cultivation of the mind increases the devotion of the heart. Westminster Seminary California seeks to establish a pastoral and scholarly community that ultimately seeks to glorify Christ, promote His Gospel, and serve His Church.