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Commencement 2014
Guests, Nam Joon Kim   |   May 31,2014   |  Category: Lecture Series, Commencement

Rev. Nam Joon Kim, TH.M, senior pastor of Yullin Presbyterian Church and professor of practical theology at Chongshin University, both in S. Korea,, delivers the 2014 commencement address titled "The True Mission of Ministers." On May 31, 2014, WSC sent forth 38 students to serve as pastors, teachers, missionaries, and leaders for the church and for the world. 

Commencement 2013
Guests, Ross Graham   |   June 1,2013   |  Category: Lecture Series, Commencement

by Rev. Ross Graham, former general secretary of the Committee on Home Missions and Church Extension of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

Commencement 2010
Resident Faculty, Derke P. Bergsma   |   May 29,2010   |  Scripture: New Testament, Romans   |  Category: Lecture Series, Commencement

Central to the Apostle Paul's ministerial focus is encouraging other leaders in the church to above all minister to the saints.


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