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Argument From Efficiency
Resident Faculty, Charles Telfer   |   August 19,2015   |  Category: Interviews, WSC Videos

Dr. Telfer argues that the most efficient way to study the Bible is through the Biblical languages.

Argument From Respect
Resident Faculty, Charles Telfer   |   August 17,2015   |  Category: Interviews, WSC Videos, Westminster Answers

We should have respect and attentiveness towards the literature of the Bible by studying the original languages.

Argument From Independence

Dr. Telfer discusses the importance of an intelligent, critical reading of the original text and commentators.

Argument From Intimacy

Dr. Telfer uses a helpful analogy of reading a translated love letter to relate how we should study God's Word with the utmost care and intimacy.

Argument From Accuracy

The first installment in our new featured video series entitled "Telfer's Arguments for Studying Biblical Languages."


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