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The Burden and the Blessing of the Word
Resident Faculty, W. Robert Godfrey   |   September 2,2010   |  Scripture: New Testament, Revelation

The Fall 2010 Convocation on how the word of God is being carried into the world according to Revelation 11.

Valiant for Truth: The 30 Year Legacy
Resident Faculty, WSC Faculty   |   February 15,2010   |  Category: Interviews, Office Hours

Faculty and students reflect on Westminster Seminary California's legacy of being valiant for truth.

The Usefulness of Preaching
Guests, A. Craig Troxel   |   March 13,2002   |  Scripture: New Testament, Romans   |  Category: Lecture Series, den Dulk Lectures

We are confident in preaching because it is the voice of Christ speaking to his church.

The Usefulness of the Preacher
Guests, A. Craig Troxel   |   March 12,2002   |  Category: Lecture Series, den Dulk Lectures

We must see ourselves and our role correctly in this great work - namely, as faithful servants.


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