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2 Kings 12:1-21
Resident Faculty, Dennis E. Johnson   |   March 28,2008   |  Scripture: Old Testament, 2 Kings   |  Category: Morning Devotions Series, 1 & 2 Kings

The life of Joash teaches us that receiving the finest theological training does not immunize you from apostasy.

The Usefulness of the Word
Guests, A. Craig Troxel   |   March 14,2002   |  Scripture: New Testament, 2 Timothy   |  Category: Lecture Series, den Dulk Lectures

It is necessary to gain the right kind of confidence in the Word of God and in preaching.

The Rules of the Road
Resident Faculty, Dennis E. Johnson   |   January 31,1999   |  Category: Articles

Students of Scripture tend to ask, "What does this passage mean?", but you can't get to the "what" without the "how."


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