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John 17

Jesus is praying for his own glory and for the sake of the Father's glory in giving eternal life to the redeemed.

Romans 3:1-24
Resident Faculty, W. Robert Godfrey   |   September 3,2009   |  Scripture: New Testament, Romans   |  Category: Morning Devotions Series, President's Chapel

Paul defends himself against the Romans who accuse him of misunderstanding law in the life of the New Covenant believer.

Psalm 85: Hear the Lord
Resident Faculty, W. Robert Godfrey   |   September 4,2008   |  Scripture: Old Testament, Psalms   |  Category: Morning Devotions Series

The Lord has spoken - do we listen to what he has said?

Prophecy of Scripture
Resident Faculty, Dennis E. Johnson   |   July 12,2008   |  Scripture: New Testament, 2 Peter   |  Category: Lecture Series

The Apostle Peter is concerned that with the end of the apostolic era the church will face the problem of its own forgetfulness and the pressure that comes from others who invite us to doubt the Word of God and question the hope of the Gospel.

Commencement 2008
Guests, R. C. Sproul   |   May 31,2008   |  Scripture: New Testament, Romans   |  Category: Lecture Series, Commencement

It is the task of the Gospel minister to diligently and faithfully preach the Word of God which God has promised to not return void.


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