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Resources tagged: Historical Theology

Herman Bavinck
Guests, John Bolt   |   April 7, 2011   |  Category: Lecture Series

Herman Bavinck's influence on Dr. John Bolt's understanding of himself, theological method, the content of good theology, and about the church.

The Covenant of Marriage
Guests, John Witte Jr.   |   February 10, 2011   |  Category: Lecture Series

A biblical and historical examination of the concept of marriage as covenant.

Christianity and Liberalism Today

J. Gresham Machen's critique of Protestant Liberalism in the early twentieth century has relevance for the for the contemporary American church.

An Exposition on the Apostles’ Creed
Resident Faculty, R. Scott Clark   |   January 26, 2010   |  Category: Interviews, Office Hours

R. Scott Clark discusses the series Classic Reformed Theology and particularly volume 2 of the series, An Exposition of the Apostles' Creed by Caspar Olevianus


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