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Job 19:25-27
Resident Faculty, Hywel R. Jones   |   July 26, 2010   |  Scripture: Old Testament, Job   |  Category: Morning Devotions Series

Job presents an anticipation of the New Heavens and New Earth contrary to many exegetical proposals.

Baptism as New Creation
Resident Faculty, J. V. Fesko   |   November 3, 2008   |  Category: Lecture Series

A biblical theological analysis of the motif of baptism as new creation.

The Law and Laws
Resident Faculty, Bryan D. Estelle   |   October 1, 2008   |  Category: Articles

An mportant interpretive principle should guide our understanding & application of God's law: the principle of periodicity.

Psalm 88
Adjunct Faculty, Zach Keele   |   December 6, 2007   |  Scripture: Old Testament, Psalms   |  Category: Morning Devotions Series, OT Psalms in the NT

An analysis of one of the darkest poems in the entire Psalter.

The Law and Christ

The Law of God was endorsed, expounded, and embodied by Christ.


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