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Galatians 1:6-9
Resident Faculty, S. M. Baugh   |   September 15, 2011   |  Scripture: New Testament, Galatians   |  Category: Morning Devotions Series, Galatians

The Apostle Paul sternly warns the church about the dangers of apostasy as well as the divine condemnation that awaits those who would teach and lead others away from the faith.

2 Kings 12:1-21
Resident Faculty, Dennis E. Johnson   |   March 28, 2008   |  Scripture: Old Testament, 2 Kings   |  Category: Morning Devotions Series, 1 & 2 Kings

The life of Joash teaches us that receiving the finest theological training does not immunize you from apostasy.

1 Kings 5:1-6, 2 Kings 17:6-23
Adjunct Faculty, Zach Keele   |   November 28, 2007   |  Scripture: Old Testament, 1 Kings, 2 Kings   |  Category: Morning Devotions Series, 1 & 2 Kings

Israel's kings were bent on idolatrous rebellion instead of living in and enjoying the new paradise they've been given.


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