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2 Samuel 7:12-17, 1 Kings 11:1-13
Resident Faculty, Bryan D. Estelle   |   February 13,2008   |  Scripture: Old Testament, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings   |  Category: Morning Devotions Series, 1 & 2 Kings

The kings of Judah typologically point to the perfect king and fulfillment of the Davidic Covenant, Jesus Christ.

Inaugural Address: Two Kingdoms and the Ordo Salutis
Resident Faculty, David M. VanDrunen   |   February 18,2008   |  Category: Lecture Series

The doctrines of the Two Kingdoms and the Ordo Salutis with the doctrinal and ethical distinctions they entail are still critically important for a biblically sound account of the nature of the Christian life and its relation to the Reformed system of doctrine.

2 Kings 11
Adjunct Faculty, Zach Keele   |   February 20,2008   |  Scripture: Old Testament, 2 Kings   |  Category: Morning Devotions Series, 1 & 2 Kings

Even in one of the darkest moments of redemptive history we see the Lord's preserving work.

John 12:20-36
Resident Faculty, Hywel R. Jones   |   February 25,2008   |  Scripture: New Testament, John   |  Category: Morning Devotions Series

The Father was silent as His Son died, but as soon as Jesus' lips fell silent the Father spoke by profound deeds.

Discipline in the Church: Revelation 2-3
Resident Faculty, S. M. Baugh   |   February 29,2008   |  Scripture: New Testament, Revelation   |  Category: Articles

In light of their OT prophetic background, the letters to the churches in Revelation are modeled as covenant lawsuits.

Are Churches Secularizing America?
Resident Faculty, Michael S. Horton   |   March 1,2008   |  Category: Articles

Evangelicalism, in practice, is losing its interest in God and the grand story of his saving work in Jesus Christ.


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