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What Makes Something a Means of Grace?

God himself acts through his means of grace in our worship on the Lord’s Day.

Participating in the Means of Grace

How sacramental occasions become times of blessing for Christians.

Why Baptize Infants?

A Reformed defense of the practice of infant baptism.

The Word Beyond the Sermon: Ministry of Witness

How God conveys his saving grace through the Gospel outside the church’s formal worship services.

The Word Beyond the Sermon: Liturgy
Adjunct Faculty, Darryl G. Hart   |   January 14,2006   |  Category: WSC Conferences, Meeting God on His Terms

How the Regulative Principle of Worship must inform Reformed Liturgies.

The Word Beyond the Sermon: Family Worship

There is nothing that can help your family and its’ spiritual health more than attending the means of grace every Lord’s Day.


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