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The Importance of Preaching
Resident Faculty, W. Robert Godfrey   |   January 1,1992   |  Category: Articles

Too often we have trouble placing such a high evaluation on preaching because it does not seem to correspond to our experience.  Many Christians today believe that they came to faith through the witness of family or friends or through a small group Bible study.  They may have heard relatively poor preaching and find it hard to attribute such importance to preaching in general or in their own spiritual development.

Resident Faculty, W. Robert Godfrey   |   April 18,1992   |  Category: Articles

A defense of Presbyterian polity.

Serious Misgivings
Resident Faculty, W. Robert Godfrey   |   June 22,1992   |  Category: Articles

Areas of concern regarding "The Confessional Conference" of 1993 are expressed.

Just How Pro-Life Are You Really?
Resident Faculty, Michael S. Horton   |   July 1,1992   |  Category: Articles

The significance of human beings over all other species resides in the image of God stamped on each person.

“Expounding”: Not Exhorting, Preaching or Leading Worship
Resident Faculty, W. Robert Godfrey   |   July 20,1992   |  Category: Articles

An interview with W. Robert Godfrey concerning the state of the Christian Reformed Church in the early 1990's.

Word-Centered Piety
Resident Faculty, W. Robert Godfrey   |   December 14,1992   |  Category: Articles

The center of Reformed piety is and always has been the Word of God.


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