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Psalm 100
R. Scott Clark, Resident Faculty  |   February 10,2010   |  Scripture: Psalms, Old Testament   |  Type: Morning Devotions Series, The Psalms

Why and how the Christ-confessing covenant community gathers for public worship.

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The Word Beyond the Sermon: Liturgy
Darryl G. Hart, Adjunct Faculty  |   January 14,2006   |  Scripture:   |  Type: WSC Conferences, Meeting God on His Terms

How the Regulative Principle of Worship must inform Reformed Liturgies.

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Worship: Evangelical or Reformed?
W. Robert Godfrey, Resident Faculty  |   April 1,2002   |  Scripture:   |  Type: Articles

There are substantive differences between evangelical and Reformed churches on worship.

Psalms, Hymns, and Watts
W. Robert Godfrey, Resident Faculty  |   January 12,2001   |  Scripture:   |  Type: Articles

There are parallels between the new hymnody of the present day and the state of church music in the late seventeenth century.

Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs
W. Robert Godfrey, Resident Faculty  |   March 12,2000   |  Scripture:   |  Type:

Should we determine what we sing in church simply on the basis of what is familiar to us, that is, what we like? Or are there biblical principles that must guide what we sing?


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