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What Makes Something a Sacrament?

Resident Faculty, Michael S. Horton   |   June 1,2006   |  Type: Articles

We look for "god" at all the high places but the true God inhabits the low places-when and where he has promised to be.


Meeting God On His Terms (Q&A Session)

A panel of WSC faculty answer questions related to the topic of the means of grace that God has appointed for his people in worship.

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Why Baptism, and What Does it Do?

A study of baptism and its benefits.

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Christ Our Passover

How the Old Testament sacrament of passover points us to Christ and directs our worship today.

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Why Baptize Infants?

A Reformed defense of the practice of infant baptism.

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Participating in the Means of Grace

How sacramental occasions become times of blessing for Christians.

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What Makes Something a Means of Grace?

God himself acts through his means of grace in our worship on the Lord’s Day.

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Baptism Debate Part 3

Resident Faculty, Robert B. Strimple   |   March 11,1999   |  Type: Lecture Series

Robert Strimple and Fred Malone in a debate concerning the proper subjects of Baptism.

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