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R. Scott Clark

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Who Are the Reformers: Caspar Olevianus

Resident Faculty, R. Scott Clark   |   September 14,2016   |  Type: Interviews, WSC Videos, Reformers

Caspar Olevianus was not only one of the authors of the Heidelberg Catechism but also a pioneer in Covenant Theology!

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Who Are the Reformers: Zacharias Ursinus

Resident Faculty, R. Scott Clark   |   August 22,2016   |  Type: Interviews, WSC Videos, Reformers

Dr. R. Scott Clark tells us about the primary author of the Heidelberg Catechism in this week's edition of "Who are the Reformers?"

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Who are the Reformers: Philipp Melanchthon

Resident Faculty, R. Scott Clark   |   July 20,2016   |  Type: Interviews, WSC Videos, Reformers

Dr. R. Scott Clark teaches us more about Philipp Melanchthon, one of the most unjustly neglected figures of the Reformation, in this week's installment.

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A Merciful, Public, Integral Ministry

The Apostle Paul's defense of his ministry against the accusations of the self-described "super apostles" and other critics is instructive for ministers young and old. In contrast to theirs, his ministry began with God's mercy to sinners in Christ, was conducted in the open for all to see, and unlike his critics, his preaching and life were consistent.

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Ministers of the New Covenant

A minister is a servant and a servant must serve someone or something. Moses was a servant of the Old Covenant. 

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The God Who Is…Is One

The God Who Is...Is One, and he comes to us in his Word.

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Authentic, Strategic, and Confessional Church Planting

Resident Faculty, R. Scott Clark   |   April 17,2015   |  Type: Articles, UPDATE Magazine

Our glorious Lord has given us a mission and a powerful message to which he has attached great promises, namely the promise to use the proclamation of that message to raise the dead to life and to put the living to death. 


Wisdom According to Paul - Part 1

Resident Faculty, R. Scott Clark, Joel E. Kim   |   March 23,2015   |   New Testament   |  Type: Interviews, Office Hours

Office Hours talks with Professor Joel E. Kim about wisdom according to Paul. This is part 1 of a 2 part discussion. 

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