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What it Means to Be Valiant for Truth
Michael S. Horton, R. Scott Clark, W. Robert Godfrey, Resident Faculty  |   September 15, 2010   |  Scripture:   |  Type: Interviews, Office Hours

Dr. Robert Godfrey, Dr. Michael Horton, and Dr. Scott Clark answer listener questions about what it means to be Valiant for Truth. 

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When the Good News Becomes Bad
R. Scott Clark, Resident Faculty  |   July 27, 2010   |  Scripture:   |  Type: Articles

Though both Law and Gospel have commands and promises, the Law and the Gospel have different conditions.

What the Bible is All About
R. Scott Clark, Resident Faculty  |   July 26, 2010   |  Scripture:   |  Type: Articles

Is the Bible like what the hit TV show Seinfeld has been called, a show about nothing?

Psalm 100
R. Scott Clark, Resident Faculty  |   February 10, 2010   |  Scripture: Psalms, Old Testament   |  Type: Morning Devotions Series, The Psalms

Why and how the Christ-confessing covenant community gathers for public worship.

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An Exposition on the Apostles’ Creed
R. Scott Clark, Resident Faculty  |   January 26, 2010   |  Scripture:   |  Type: Interviews, Office Hours

R. Scott Clark discusses the series Classic Reformed Theology and particularly volume 2 of the series, An Exposition of the Apostles' Creed by Caspar Olevianus

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