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Old Testament

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Incomprehensible Love

Guests, Chad Porter   |   April 21,2016   |   Old Testament, Psalms   |  Type: Morning Devotions Series

God's incomprehensible love means we should stand in awe of who he is.

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Is It All Worth It?

Guests, Adrian Crum   |   March 1,2016   |   Old Testament, Ezekiel   |  Type: Morning Devotions Series

A life invested in, and devoted to, Jesus  matters because of the resurrection.

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The Holy Spirit in the Pentateuch

Resident Faculty, Bryan D. Estelle   |   December 28,2015   |   Old Testament   |  Type: Interviews, Office Hours

The Holy Spirit in the Pentateuch.

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Living By Faith, Not By Sight

Our nature is to do what is right in our own eyes, but the book of Judges directs us to look to  the King of Kings. A king whom we don't see today, but whom we are called to trust in faith.

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Is The New Testament Enough?

Dr. Johnson addresses the importance of understanding the Old Testament in order to see the big picture of God's redemptive work.

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Life Often Seems Cheap

Our great comfort is that Jesus restores us through his resurrection.

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An Eye for an Eye

Justice is important and needs to be proportional.

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The Nature of True Religion

Adjunct Faculty, James M. Renihan   |   April 28,2015   |   Old Testament, Haggai   |  Type: Morning Devotions Series

Rev. James Renihan discusses the nature of true religion from the book of Haggai.

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The Art and Science of Allusion Hunting

Dr. Bryan Estelle looks at the forward-looking typological reference in Deuteronomy 32:1-5, 18ff. 

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Running Into the Fire

Prof. Joel Kim shows how Deuteronomy 31:23 assures us that God is with us.

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Spiritual Depression?

Guests, Taylor Kern   |   April 14,2015   |   Old Testament, Psalms   |  Type: Morning Devotions Series

Spiritual depression seems to be a contradiction in terms. 

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If God is for Us, Who can be Against Us?

With Moses, the last word is a word of grace. 

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Blindness to Sin

Guests, Wes Holmes   |   March 24,2015   |   Old Testament, Psalms   |  Type: Morning Devotions Series

We need to recognize and confess the blindness to our sin.

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The God Who Is…Is One

The God Who Is...Is One, and he comes to us in his Word.

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Fellow Exiles

Guests, Tim Graham   |   March 10,2015   |   Old Testament, Isaiah   |  Type: Morning Devotions Series

Although we were exiled for our faithlessness, the faithful Word which the Father spoke in Christ, through the Spirit, gives us faith.

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