The Marathon of Faith: Exhausted Yet Pursuing

You are in a marathon — the long race of the Christian life. In 1 Corinthians 9:24-27, the Apostle Paul pictures you as an athlete running, not for the perishable wreath of the Hellenic games, but for an imperishable prize of unfading glory. And as a Christian, your race is not a dash to be finished in 9.58 seconds. It is a marathon, a drawn-out adventure of pain and glory that may leave you, like Gideon and his men, “exhausted yet pursuing” (Judges 8:4). In this marathon of faith, you may experience the endorphins of a runner’s high at the halfway point, but you may also find yourself weeping, rejoicing, and weeping again in pain as you make your way toward the finish. 

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Featured Resources

Torah Scroll Wrap-Up

Westminster recently received a 400-year-old Torah scroll. Watch to learn about the history of scroll-making, as well as to see this past week's dedication and unveiling event.


Meet the Faculty: Joel E. Kim

Once a student, now a professor, Joel Kim offers a perspective from both sides of the Westminster learning experience.


What is Prayer?

Professor Charles Telfer discusses the important topic of prayer in this new installment of Westminster Answers.


Fruit of the Spirit - Devotion 7

Dr. J.V. Fesko asks us to consider the nature of gentleness.


Featured Faculty Book

The Rule of Love The Rule of Love

by J.V. Fesko 

In The Rule of Love, J. V. Fesko gives an introductory exposition of the Ten Commandments. Beginning with the importance of the prologue, and then addressing each Commandment in turn, he sets forth a balanced and biblical approach that places the law in proper perspective. Throughout the book, Fesko analyzes the historical context of God’s giving the law in order to help us accurately understand the moral demands God places upon humanity.


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News & Events

Meet Simon Schuster Meet Simon Schuster

Simon, a current WSC student from Germany, discusses his perspective on life as an international seminary student.

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The Gospel Coalition 2015 National Conference The Gospel Coalition 2015 National Conference

WSC will have a booth at The Gospel Coalition conference in Orlando, April 13-15. Stop by, say hello, and sign up to win free books! 

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Torah Scroll Presentation Report Torah Scroll Presentation Report

Did you miss the fascinating Torah scroll unveiling and presentation on March 18th? A full report with photos and a wrap-up video are now available.

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Save The Date for 2015 Commencement! Save The Date for 2015 Commencement!

The WSC 34th Annual Commencement for the class of 2015 will take place on May 30th at 10:00 AM. Don't forget to mark your calendars!

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Did You Know?

The WSC German Torah Scroll The WSC German Torah Scroll

According to Dr. Scott Carroll, research scholar and biblical antiquities specialist, the 400-year-old Torah scroll that was recently gifted to the seminary is in remarkably good condition with very few errors. This particular scroll was most likely smuggled out of Germany during the atrocities of the Holocaust.

Be sure to view the scroll up close, now on display in the WSC library reference room.


"My main reasons for choosing WSC are that I get one of the best theological educations and I learn from some of the finest Reformed theologians of our day. There is a big difference between reading their books on the one hand and sitting in their class or even living rooms for personal conversations on the other hand."
—Simon Schuster, M.A.B.S. student from Germany