The Nature of Justifying Faith by David VanDrunen

From the Reformation to the present day, the battle for a biblical doctrine of justification has turned upon an understanding of sola fide. Justification comes by faith alone, but this is not just any faith. Justifying faith, unlike any other virtue, and in defiance of every earthly discouragement, turns away from itself, places its confidence in the victorious work of Jesus Christ, and receives his perfect righteousness as an imputed gift.

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Why Do We Need Wisdom?

Dr. Joshua Van Ee helps us to categorize what wisdom is, and shows how the book of Proverbs induces us to follow after wisdom.

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The Wisdom of God or of the World?

Dr. Dennis Johnson shows that there is often overlap in the wisdom of non-Christians and the wisdom revealed in Scripture, but God's wisdom prevails over all. 

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Wisdom in Dialogue

Dr. Bryan Estelle explains how life here on this earth is to stay gray, and that is what we find when we bring the wisdom books of the Bible into dialogue. 

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Featured Faculty Book

An Unexpected Journey: Discovering Reformed Christianity An Unexpected Journey: Discovering Reformed Christianity

by W. Robert Godfrey

W. Robert Godfrey has written this personal story of how he came to Reformed Christianity to show the "value and vitality" of Calvinism in an individual's life.

Godfrey's journey started when as a teenager he first heard of Calvinism. Sharing his heart and his sense of humor, he describes his first experience with a Reformed congregation, his introduction to God's inspired Word, and his discovery of biblical worship.


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Annual Conference 2015 Audio & Video Available! Annual Conference 2015 Audio & Video Available!

In case you were unable to attend the Annual Conference or simply want to rewatch your favorite session, audio and video for all six plenary sessions plus the Q&A are now available.

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Seminary for a Day, March 5 Seminary for a Day, March 5

On Thursday, March 5, we will host our Spring Seminary for a Day, an event that gives prospective students a glimpse into the academic and community life of WSC.

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WSC Welcomes Back Alumni WSC Welcomes Back Alumni

Last month, WSC held its third annual Alumni Winter Refresher and welcomed nearly 30 alumni to the seminary’s campus. The alumni returned to their alma mater to audit for FREE various one-week elective courses during the Winter Term.

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