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Authentic, Strategic, and Confessional Church Planting by R. Scott Clark

Several years ago I spent an evening with an enthusiastic group of young people at a pastor’s house. Over dinner we discussed the challenges of planting Reformed churches. We agreed that whatever we do—we need to be authentic, strategic, and confessional.

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The Christian’s Place in Society

This article does not analyze recent cultural shifts, but reflects more broadly on how Christians should understand their identity in the world.


Is God Anti-Gay?

Office Hours talks with Sam Allberry about his book, Is God Anti-Gay?


What is Prayer?

Professor Charles Telfer discusses the important topic of prayer in this new installment of Westminster Answers.


What is the Great Commission?

Michael Horton talks about the Great Commission. 


Featured Faculty Book

A Survey of Church History: Part 2 DVD A Survey of Church History: Part 2 DVD

by W. Robert Godfrey

As the Roman Empire gradually crumbled in the fifth century AD, the people of the Mediterranean world turned to the church for leadership and direction in a new era of uncertainty. The next thousand years would prove to be a complex experiment in Christian civilization, one in which the church played a pivotal role in the development of Western government, thought, and culture. Join Dr. Robert Godfrey as he explores the hopes, challenges, triumphs, and tragedies of Christianity during the Middle Ages.


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Alumni Winter Refresher 2016 Alumni Winter Refresher 2016

Get away and get spiritually, mentally, and physically refreshed by auditing Winter Term Courses and attending the Annual Conference!

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WSC Luncheon at the PCA GA 2015 WSC Luncheon at the PCA GA 2015

Were you unable to attend the WSC-hosted luncheon at the PCA General Assembly? Don't worry! A full recap of the event is available as well as videos from the 2015 PCA General Assembly.

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What is the Doctrine of Adoption? What is the Doctrine of Adoption?

In this installment of Westminster Answers, Dr. Baugh bridges the cultural gap between the us and the first century and sheds light on the important doctrine of adoption.

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Did You Know?

Small Classes That Foster Relationships Small Classes That Foster Relationships

WSC is committed to small class sizes. We currently have
a 1:12 faculty-to-student ratio and our average class size
is 25-30 students.


"WSC is a distinct institution that continues to defend and promote Reformation theology in ways that will forever affect me for the better."
DJ Goodwiler (MATS, 2010), teacher at The Cambridge School in San Diego, CA.