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Westminster Seminary California 2015 Commencement

WSC's 34th Annual Commencement will take place on May 30, 2015, at Emmanuel Faith Community Church in Escondido, California at 10:00am. Dr. Philip Ryken, President of Wheaton College, will be delivering the commencement address titled, "Here Comes Trouble." The class of 2015 includes 39 graduates total, 12 of which are graduating from one of the M.A. programs and 27 from the M.Div. program. 


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Are All Counseling Problems Spiritual Problems?

Dr. Ed Welch discusses the spiritual root of all our counseling needs in this brand-new Westminster Answers.


What is the Doctrine of Adoption?

Dr. Baugh bridges the cultural gap between the us and the first century and sheds light on this important doctrine.


Meet the Faculty: Bryan D. Estelle

In this latest installment of our Meet the Faculty series, see how the Gospel plays a fundamental role for Bryan Estelle and his Old Testament curriculum here at WSC.


Is God Anti-Gay?

Rev. Sam Allberry discusses homosexuality and the church. 


Featured Faculty Book

A Survey of Church History: Part 1 DVD A Survey of Church History: Part 1 DVD

W. Robert Godfrey

Many committed, knowledgeable believers still know little about the history of the church. As a result, they’re missing a testament to God’s steadfastness over the centuries. Now, a monumental new teaching series sheds crucial light on church history, demonstrating God’s promise to build and preserve his church so that “the gates of hell will not prevail against it” (Matt. 16:18). Join Dr. Robert Godfrey as he takes believers through the first twelve lectures of what will be a sixty-lecture series covering theology, apologetics, notable church fathers, and much more.


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Introducing WSC on iTunes U! Introducing WSC on iTunes U!

You can now access hundreds of hours worth of resources, all for free! iTunes U provides the unique opportunity to stay informed and connected with WSC by offering access to an incredible amount of theological and biblical material, all recorded right here on campus. 

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Meet Mihai Corcea Meet Mihai Corcea

Read the fascinating story of Mihai Corcea, a Romanian international student at WSC, who, despite an Eastern Orthodox upbringing, discovered the biblical truths of the Reformed Confessions. 

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WSC Luncheon at PCA General Assembly WSC Luncheon at PCA General Assembly

WSC is hosting a luncheon for alumni, friends of WSC, and prospective students at the 43rd PCA General Assembly in Chattanooga, TN on Wednesday, June 10 from 12:00 – 1:30 PM in the Chattanooga Convention Center. Be sure to RSVP by May 15!

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URC Pastor's Conference URC Pastor's Conference

On June 1-3, the 2015 URCNA Pastor's Conference will be held at the WSC campus. The theme for this year's conference is "The Ordinary Ministry." The event speakers include our own Dr. Michael S. Horton and Dr. Dennis E. Johnson.

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Did You Know?

WSC Alumni WSC Alumni

WSC has produced over 1,000 alumni who are serving as pastors, church planters, missionaries, teachers, scholars, and counselors worldwide.


"I am thankful that the Word of God was planted deep in my soul in every class at WSC, so that I can be a man bearing fruit season after season, a messenger of grace to people who are struggling with sin, sickness, sorrows, and death."
Eric Hausler (M.Div., '89), Pastor of Christ the King Presbyterian Church